Laser Therapy


What is it?

Laser therapy uses light to aid the natural healing process of the body safely and effectively.  Low level laser therapy manipulates different elements of light such as wavelength (nm), power output (mW), duration of application and pulsing frequency (Hz) to determine the physiological effects.  It can therefore in different dosages stimulate numerous biochemical systems, including cell metabolism and motility, collagen production, mast cell and macrophage action (immune response), vasodilation and angiogenesis (production of new blood vessels), endorphin release, and increase metabolisation of serotonin.aser-therapy-chelmsford

These mechanisms combined can re-start a stalled healing process, reduce inflammation, provoke an immune response and essentially help the body to heal itself. Patients can benefit from an additional modality in the treatment of complex painful problems, a pain-free verruca treatment, especially useful for children, and the speeding up of healing and reduction in scarring following nail surgery.

What does the treatment involve?

Treatment is quick, easy to apply and pain free. The treatment can take up to about 15 minutes. There are few ‘feelings’ associated with immediate treatment as low level laser therapy is not a surgical laser. Its effects are photo-biochemical, not thermal and therefore do not burn or harm the skin. Appropriate probes are placed at certain points around the injury/surgery site/skin lesion depending on the size, area and depth, and light passes into the tissues.

Frequency of treatment depends on the condition being treated, and its severity/chronicity. Some inflammatory conditions respond best if treated daily for 3-4 treatments to stimulate a response, then twice weekly to allow the body to continue the repair process.  Results are usually evident within the first 2-3 treatments, verruca treatments can take between 5-10 before resolution.